Gang Of Four – Impossible Lyrics

Can’t catch it again, can you? I think I’m getting it back again I think I’m getting it back again I’m getting a headache Mutated/Transmogrified Mutated/Transmogrified Can’t catch it again, can you?

L7or – Hes Biya Lyrics

[المقطع الأول] حس بيا ملي فيعني تشوف بلا ما نشرح يما موالفة نغيب، نبات ما نصبح حافظ طرقاني القدام والروايض فين كتشطح نستاهل ادا بكيت وحتى ملي نفرح وادا بغيت نوصف جراحي غنرسم بحر مواجُ عالية وغنلون ماه بالحمر […] Read More

Bobby Mcferrin – Sightless Bird Lyrics

I haven't been alone much lately I think I've got to quiet down Enough of this runaround I've got to get out of town So I sit alone among (?) and thought Looking for an […] Read More

Antimatter – Little Piggy Lyrics

You should have known that I’d take this to the bone No, I’m not letting go These kiddy gloves will be taken off I can summarize that mine’s not the only sky whose song I’m […] Read More

Warm Brew – Fame Lyrics

Kelly Then stacking flipping stack again Lets meet, way overseas and talk some cheese And charcuterie, espressos over lunch These hoes ain’t got no booty but that neck is what I want Sliding through your […] Read More

Sza – Julia Lyrics

Not really Young man, tryna hold the world in a broken hand, hand Young man, tryna find the world in a broken hand You know I care for you When hell over earth came, I […] Read More

Eminem – Alfred’s Theme Lyrics

That’s a dirty word Make me fall in it, there’s not a girl on Earth Or any other planet, that’s a world of hurt And I won’t buy a designer, ’cause I don’t pander But […] Read More

Napalm Death – Outconditioned Lyrics

Go! Follow orders you grow success Money soon becomes your wife slavery You learn to come around in life You and your wife go on with this evil life You’re nice You’re brave You’re honest […] Read More

Articolo 31 – Noi No Lyrics

Perché non ci manca niente, no? Eravamo diversi [Ritornello] C’è chi è stato ammaestrato e subisce col capo chinato Noi no Chi non ha mai vomitato ubriaco, chi ha servito lo Stato Noi no Chi […] Read More

Popp Hunna – Take Off Lyrics

Huh?) Pop me a Perc' like [?] (Say what? He was just locked up in the motherf*ckin' can (Can) And the party go down if I step in (FiveSixOne) I'ma ball like I'm Scottie Pippen […] Read More

Mavgic – Mama Anthem Lyrics

Richtig, deine Mama Hängetitten und Gesicht sowie Alice Schwarzer Riecht ‘n kleines bisschen nach Fisch an der Klit Ist nicht wirklich so richtig fit Aber immerhin ist sie deine Mama Ich bin der Dalai Lama […] Read More

Eminem – Black Magic Lyrics

[Chorus: Skylar Grey & Eminem] Black magic, night walker (Yeah) She haunts me like no other (Feel like) Nobody told me (I don’t know) love is pain, oh (I know we just met) Black magic, […] Read More

Napalm Death – How The Years Condemn Lyrics

Nothing is easy, but that’s reality For the sake of my loved ones I will remain on this earth It’s the last chance to face the fears I have always known Better that than to […] Read More

Articolo 31 – Non E Un Film Lyrics

[Testo di "Non è un film"] [Strofa 1] Come pesava quello zaino sulle spalle Per la strada della scuola e la maturità Odiavo ogni professore Mi illudevo fosse una minaccia alla mia libertà Ed ogni […] Read More

Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – Black Sheep (Single Version) Lyrics

Black sheep lays around drinking wine all day Readin’ poetry and layin’ in the grass Ask him for a drink, he’ll give you a glass White sheep drinks one glass of beer a year Ask […] Read More