Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – Black Sheep (Single Version) Lyrics

Black sheep lays around drinking wine all day
Readin’ poetry and layin’ in the grass
Ask him for a drink, he’ll give you a glass
White sheep drinks one glass of beer a year
Ask him for a shot, he says it’s all he’s got
Not countin’ the cellar
Can’t help nobody
Black sheep, black sheep
Have you any wool? Yeah, three bags full
White sheep he died a wealthy man
Had five gold watches, six gold rings on his hand
Had a million dollar funeral but it’s a shame
Nobody came
Laying’ up there alone, dead
Black sheep left the world in a rough pine box
Everybody came ’round
Laughing, telling jokes
The old women cried ’cause the bad man he’d been
But when they passed the casket
And everyone looked in
Seemed like he grinned
Like he know somethin’
Black sheep, black sheep
Have you any wool? Three bags full
Just layin’ over there dead
Still grinnin’ like he was holdin’ out on everybody Three bags full
For his friends he ain’t got an enemy in the world
Black sheep, he’s got an old ragged coat of black
Tell him you’re cold, he’ll take it off his back
White sheep he’s got thirty coats or more
Saved up from the last year and the year before
Been savin’ them up for a rainy day
And it rained yesterday, ain’t got none left
Black sheep, black sheep
Have you any wool?