Layto – Tattoo Lyrics

Yeah you stuck me with a dagger Now it’s tattooed on my face [Verse 2] Down time, sad time, nothing but time Nothing but the memories ink on my mind I got traditional pictures the […] Read More

2sc – Invincible Lyrics (feat. Avari)

VERSE I can slay a giant Put me in a cage with a lion Bet I can show em what I’m made of What I’m made of BRIDGE It’s some’em like a super power Use […] Read More

Deeds Of Flesh – Races Conjoined Lyrics (feat. Matti Way & Jon Zig)

The cull of the ancestors to the water’s edge An awakening activated by the Elders… Coalescence of two entities becoming one A new creation of power and might The Nucleus will seize and control the […] Read More

Napalm Death – Smash A Single Digit Lyrics

Crunch a number, grinds your gears Crunch a number, root out a stiff then tightly squeeze Wretch after wretch Non-expressive matter designated to perish Smash a single digit Wretch follows wretch Cleave to progress, rotate […] Read More

Articolo 31 – Due Su Due Lyrics (feat. Grido)

Oh Oh! [Intro: J-Ax & Grido] Cinque mesi a fare un album: a venire in studio… Sì è la parte più bella del lavoro Diviso, diviso: due perché non ci passi tutta la giornata… Ma […] Read More

Antimatter – Killer Lyrics

Hate – venerating hate Begs to be repaid And never seems to fade Spite – consummating spite; The medicated bile That keeps us on our way with the worms Outside, caught up in this killing […] Read More

Cliff Richard – Dynamite Lyrics

Well send me love in a package labelled dynamite I wanna feel an explosion when i hold you tight I got a powerhouse reception waiting for you When you come back to your loving baby’s […] Read More

Sza – Hiiijack Lyrics

Go forth, spread the news I’m a little late Go on, cut the rope I know you hate it Two knives, no fork Wonder who’d make it? I lose for you, I choose for you […] Read More

Rudimental – Be The One Lyrics (feat. MORGAN, Digga D & TIKE)

[Verse 1: TIKE] Every time you show up, yeah Always on glow up, yeah I really shouldn't go back there Always say "No" but yeah You can never love me how I love me I […] Read More

2sc – All Around Me Lyrics (feat. Raquel)

Verse: Who do you think you are Think you are baby Don’t just steal my heart And try to lock it away from me baby Didn't know what I wanted But i know you got […] Read More

Deeds Of Flesh – Terror Lyrics (feat. Dusty Boisjolie & Robbe Kok)

Distressed, they’ve seen our new power and run afraid They know they are defeated The Alyen ships docked in orbit begin to turn and flee The formation moves to the air And using mind driven […] Read More

Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat Lyrics

A stampede to rush forward, yet I’m in retreat Far horizon greedily sucks in the keen Descend down the scale on drooping stumps I’ve wished to shear Come, the predatory to luckless Spread-eagled, I am […] Read More

Articolo 31 – Gente Che Spera Lyrics (feat. Reverendo)

once upon a… U Reverendo MC J-Ax [Strofa 1: Reverendo] Quando vedi che sei solo a 'sto munn' Quando il mondo che sta attorno va n'bunn Quando cadi e ti rialzi com'è Quando piangi e […] Read More

Eminem – Thus Far (interlude) Lyrics

[Interlude: Alfred Hitchcock] Perhaps I should mention that we have decided that this The flip, or "homicide", is a little special A little too macabre for the squeamish Therefore, we have labeled it—

Napalm Death – Omnipresent Knife In Your Back Lyrics

Choices wiped out on the way to the higher plane x2 Chorus: Theres an omnipresent knife in your back An omnipresent knife in your back Prepackaged (land of a) Plutocracy x2 You’ll recognise them (More […] Read More